Bible Study


St John’s Wednesday Night Bible Study

7:00 - 8:00 pm


The Gospel of Matthew

Matthew was one of Jesus’ chosen 12 disciples.  Once he was a despised tax collector, but his life had been turned around by Jesus.  He followed Jesus during His earthly ministry; then after Jesus’ resurrection, he served Christ for life - preaching, teaching and writing.  The Gospel of Matthew was written to his fellow Jews to prove from their own Scriptures that Jesus is the Messiah and to explain God’s Kingdom


We cordially invite you to come join us each week as we gather together to glorify God through fellowship with one another and to study God’s Word, the Bible. 


At St. Johns’ Church, we believe the Bible is true and that it tells us how we can obtain new life through a relationship with God. 


Likewise, the Bible provides practical answers to life’s questions for all who are willing to listen and obey what it teaches. 


Come and simply enjoy a warm, friendly atmosphere where God’s Word is clearly taught and Jesus Christ is honored and glorified.



2019-20 Bible Study

September 18 -  Introduction and the Genealogy of Jesus Christ

September 25 -  The birth and sojourn in Egypt


October 2  -  The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry  -  His Forerunner and Baptism

October 9 -  The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry  -  His Temptation

October 16 - Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee -  The Beginning

October 23 - Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee - The Sermon on the Mount

October 30 - Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee - A Collection of Miracles


November 6 - Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee - The Commissioning of the 12 Apostles - Ministry

November 13 - Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee - The Parables of the Kingdom and Herod’s Reaction

November 20 - Jesus’ Ministry at the Sea of Galilee and Phoenicia


December 4 - Jesus’ Ministry at Decapolis and Caesarea Philippi

December 11 - Jesus’ Last Ministry in Galilee


January 8 - Jesus’ Ministry in Judea - Teachings on Divorce and Children

January 15 - Jesus’ Ministry in Judea - Rich Young Man

January 22 - Jesus’ Ministry in Judea - Parables of the Workers in the Vineyard

January 29 - Jesus’ Ministry in Judea - Prediction of Jesus’ death and an Mother’s Request


February 5 - Jesus’ Ministry in Judea - Restoration of Sight at Jericho

February 12 -  The Resurrection - The Earthquake and the Angel’s Announcement

February 19 - The Resurrection - Jesus’ Encounter with the Women and the Great Commission