We have all been impacted by the attack of the Corona Virus and our Parish has suffered a financial loss.

Loss of Income from candles, offering tray, hall rentals and annual festival is anticipated to exceed $100,000.  Without this income, keeping St. John’s operating throughout the year will be extremely difficult.  Many parishioners have made donations to assist our Church and we thank them for their generosity and support.


We know that these are tough times for many in varying ways. We also know that St. John’s has a special place in your heart. Working together we can survive this pandemic. Please consider making a donation to our Covid-19 Emergency Fund and if you have not already made your Stewardship Pledge, to do so.


We ask each family to offer an additional $500.00 offering and each individual an additional $250.00 offering to help cover the deficit. Please give according to your ability. 

If you have already paid for your stewardship and would like to donate the additional suggested amount please select the amount below:


If you have not submitted your 2020 pledge, please do so as soon as possible and it would be greatly appreciated if you can keep it at the same level you pledged last year. You can fulfill your Stewardship in a single payment by clicking here